More Powdered Frit Glass
Fusing Designs

Using more powdered frit to create simple and quickly fused glass jewelry designs. The techniques used in this type of fusing can be expanded from a very simple approach to more advanced glass fusing skills.

Both of these items are made from two small pieces of base glass with powdered ftit sifted over the top

The yellow stick figure is drawn with a pointed scriber; using this method you can draw more intricate designs using color combinations or multiple firing techniques to achieve different patterns.

Variations of this can be achieved by painting and firing the base piece in contrasting colors. The top coat is then applied and the the design scratched through so as to reveal the original fired colors.

The blue head is made with a stamp pressed into the frit to make the impression.

There is a large selection of rubber stamps that can be used for this process.

You need a stamp that has a reasonably deep cut design.

The materials used are Spectrum 96 fired in the a glass fusing kiln at about 1460 F (800 C) on shelf paper and held for 20 minutes.

You need to monitor this type of fusing to ensure it does not overheat as the powder will run and definition will be lost.

As you begin to work with powdered frit you will find that design opportunities are unlimited.

You will be able to create unique fused glass jewelry styles and colors.

Remember to always wear an adequate face mask when working with frit powder, washing your hands thoroughly when you have finished.

Glass enamel can be used in place of frit powder, transparent colors will provide many rich design opportunities.

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