Fusing A Millefiori
Glass Plate

A millefiori glass plate inlaid with a collection of millefiori shapes fused, and then slumped into a fusing mold in a glass kiln.

A selection of millefiori pieces are placed on the top surface before fusing and slumping in a glass fusing kiln.

This small art glass plate can be made to suit a fusing mold or used as a decorative tile or coaster.

Size and color can be altered to suit the final design.

The base is made from a piece of opaque fusing glass capped with clear fusing glass and millefiori.

COE 90 glass and millefiori pieces are used for this design.

Fusing Supplies:

One piece of opaque fusing glass

One piece of clear fusing glass

Selection of millefiori shapes


Suitable fusing mold

Kiln wash

Kiln shelf

Glass fusing kiln

Cutting & Assembly:

Step 1. Cut opaque glass to 3 1/4" x 3 1/4".

Step 2. Cut clear fusing glass to 3 1/4" x 3 1/4".

Step 3. Wash and dry all pieces thoroughly.

Step 4. Set clear glass on top of opaque piece and place on top of prepared kiln shelf.

Arrange millefiori shapes on top of clear art glass, keep millefiori back from the edges to prevent the base from bulging outwards during fusing.

Put kiln shelf into glass fusing kiln.


Use the following glass fusing schedule.

The annealing stage has been removed as the fused glass will be annealed during the glass slumping stage.

1. 300°F up to 1100°F hold 20 minutes

2. 75°F up to 1225°F hold 10 minutes

3. 1275°F up to 1500°F hold 15 minutes

4. 600° F down to 94° F

5. Turn glass kiln off and allow glass to cool to room temperature.


Apply 5 to 6 coats of kiln wash to mold, allow to dry between coats.

When mold is dry, put fused glass plate in mold and place in glass fusing kiln.

Use the following schedule to slump and anneal the millifiori glass plate.

1. 300°F up to 1100°F hold 20 minutes

2. 100°F up to 1250°F hold 30 minutes

3. 9999 (Full) down to 960°F hold 60 minutes

4. 150°F down to 750°F

5. Switch off, cool glass to room temperature

When completely cooled, remove from glass kiln.

The above methods can be used on various sizes and shapes of fused art glass creations whether they are slumped, or left as a colored tile or coaster.

There is now a large variety of millifiori pieces available from some art glass supply stores

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