Use Metal Clay Slip To Repair
Or Join Precious Metal Clay

Metal clay slip is used for joining precious metal clay pieces together or for making repairs.

Also known as metal clay paste it can either be purchased from suppliers or made from scrap pieces and sanding dust from earlier projects.

If you make your own, remember to always keep the different types of metal clay separate.

Slip is particularly useful for filling in holes and gaps. Because of shrinkage you may need to apply a couple of coats as the slip dries. Dried slip can be sanded to remove any excess.

It is very handy when setting objects into metal clay silver.

Making Slip

If you sand metal clay keep the dust in a sealable container along with scraps of clay. Add a few drops of distilled water and gently mix.

Let the mixture sit for a while and then gradually add more water, continuing to mix with a small spatula until the metal clay is a creamy consistency without lumps.

If you need a thin slip then it should have the consistency of body lotion. A thicker slip will be like a face cream. Whatever the thickness it must be sticky enough to hold dried pieces of precious metal clay together.

Do not use tap water as an unattractive mold can develop on the clay, it will burn away during the firing process.

If you are working with large scraps it will take some time for the clay to soak up the water, so you will need to make your slip a number of hours before you need to use it.

Air Bubbles

If you vigorously stir the slip you may create air bubbles that can cause blisters in the fired clay. Tapping the container gently may cause the bubbles to rise to the surface where they will burst or you can use a pin to burst them.

Applying Slip

When applying thin slip use either a small paint or makeup brush. Always keep the brush in water to prevent it drying out. For thicker slip use a rubber tipped clay shaper, use small strokes to prevent air pockets developing.

Metal clay slip is invaluable when you are working on your precious metal clay jewelry creations.

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