Memory Wire Bracelet Video Tutorial
Using Mixed Glass Beads

Here's a memory wire bracelet video tutorial which expands on the earlier memory wire tutorial.

This bracelet is composed of different size Czech beads combined with seed beads to make a very nice glass beaded jewelry bracelet.

To make this bracelet you will need the following supplies:

Memory wire, large bracelet size.12mm Czech beads.

4mm Czech beads.

6.0 complimentary colored seed beads.

Round nose pliers or wire looping tool.

Heavy duty wire cutters.

The following video from Auntie's Beads gives a very clear and easily followed tutorial of the steps required to make this bracelet.

You don't have to use this style combination, memory wire allows you great flexibility with your glass beads jewelry designs.

You can mix and match colors, bead styles and sizes. Small dangles or charms can be added to the loops on the end of your bracelet. If you wish you can add dangles in between the beads to create a unique glass bead design.

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