Marble Cast Glass

A fused marble cast glass pendant made from colored frit powder with coarse white and clear coarse frit.

The item is kiln formed in a commercial casting mold and produces a pendant 1.75 inches wide. There are a number of different shaped molds available that are suitable for this style of pendant.

Clear coarse frit is used to line the bottom of the mold; coarse white frit is laid over the clear frit. The colored frit powder is sprinkled over the white frit.

Various color combinations can be used for this project.

This fused marble cast pendant can be made from Bullseye or System 96 products.


  • Cutter.
  • Fusing mold.
  • Kiln Wash.
  • Fusing kiln

Proceed as follows:

Step 1. Apply kiln wash to fusing mold.

Step 2. Place clear frit in bottom of mold.

Step 3. Place a thick layer of white frit over the clear frit layer.

Step 4. Build frit up slightly towards the center to help counter shrinkage.

Shrinkage happens because the material tends to compact down into the mold and may end up two thirds of its original thickness.

Generally the smaller the pieces the less they will compact.

Sprinkle colored powder over the coarse frit.

Step 5. Place mold into fusing kiln on small posts to ensure air circulation around the mold and fire as follows for System 96, for Coe 90 increase by 25 F (15 C):300 F (150C)/hour up to 1470 F (775 c).

Hold 30 minutes.

Check to ensure that the pendant is fully fused.

If the top surface is not completely smooth, you may need to re-fire until it is smooth and level.

If glass fusing is complete turn off kiln.

Allow to cool to room temperature and then remove.

You can change the marble effect by adding or decreasing the amount of powder used.

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