Making Ear Wires For Your
Beaded jewelry Earrings

Making ear wires for your own beaded jewelry earring designs may be carried out in a number of ways, wires can be bent by hand or by using specialized earring ear wire machines.

Loop forming pliers are very good for making ear wires, looping pliers come in different sizes and make various size ear wire loops.

A search on the Internet will produce a good range and style of looping pliers for sale.

Specialized looping pliers with additional attachments allow a large range of loops to be formed.

There are three main ear wires bending machines available, retailing in the $20 range.

The EZ Ear Wire Bending Jig uses twenty gauge wire to make various fish hook style ear wires.

The Ez Earring 11 Wire bending Jig use twenty gauge wire to make french hook style ear wires. This jig produces the one style of ear wire hook.

Both these jigs can use niobium, artistic wire, sterling silver, gold filled, half hard or softer wires.

Being able to easily use niobium is a great benefit for people who suffer from metal sensitivity.

Twenty gauge wire is also used by the Easy Ear Wire Bending jig to make fish hook style ear wires.

The following ear wires making video tutorial is an excellent guide for making your own ear wires.

After following these directions, you should be able to make a variety of ear wire shapes.

Being able to make your own wires will allow you great flexibility in your glass beaded jewelry designs.

To make these ear wires you will need the following ear wire making supplies.

Round sterling silver wire either half hard or hard.

Wire cutters.

Round nose pliers.

Round barrel or dowel


If you use half hard wire you may need to tumble the wire in a small lapidary tumbler in order to harden it.

Half hard wire is easier to work with than fully hard sterling silver wire.

Soft wire may be too soft to use for ear wires.

Using the bending tools or hand bending wires will allow great freedom when designing your beaded earring jewelry creations.

Custom made ear wires will enhance the look of your glass fashion jewelry.

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