How To Make Small Wire Links

These small links are quick and easy to make. You make a small loop and then make a larger loop and it’s finished.

Use them to connect glass jewelry items together,connect to beads and hang from bracelets and necklaces.

You will need the following:

20 gauge wire, 4cm long.

Round nose pliers

Flat or chain nose pliers

Side cutters.

Step 1:

With round nose pliers form a small loop (as per eye-pin tutorial).

small bead link loop

Step 2:

Hold small loop with flat or chain nose pliers. Using round nose pliers form large loop at right angle to small loop.

large bead link loop

You should now have neatly formed loops as per the following photos. Cut off any remaining wire.

By opening the large loop you can string a number of these together to form a chain from which you can hang a variety of beaded jewelry items.

You can make these from heavier gauge wire if you need to.

completed small bead link

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