Use Latticino Glass Canes
Drop Earrings

Latticino glass canes are hand made by bead makers and can be used in a number of glass fusing operations. These latticino canes are typical of the types produced by Murano bead makers.

This particular type is 96 COE and adapts to normal fusing without any difficulties.

COE 90 COE 104 lengths are also available.

A search of the Internet will find suppliers of this type of cane and specialized colored frit. The frit is usually color coordinated and is very useful in many kiln processes

As the canes are hand made the diameter can be between 5 and 10mm, they come in various colors and lengths.

This is a very easy earring project to make; it is not necessary to fuse the canes to another piece of glass.

The canes can be cut to make small, medium or long drop earrings.

Canes can be included in fused pieces to produce many original handmade items.


  • 2 x 1 1/4 inch lengths cane.
  • 2 earring bails.
  • Pair earring wires
  • Two part epoxy glue.
  • 1 pair of mosaic nippers.
  • Thin fire shelf paper or kiln washed shelf.


Step 1 Cut cane to length with mosaic nippers.

Step 2 Wash and dry pieces completely.

Step 3 Place pieces on prepared shelf and place in kiln and bring glass fusing kiln up to fusing temperature.

Step 4 Check canes, ends should be nicely rounded.

Turn off kiln and let it cool to room temperature.

Step 5 Bottom of cane should be flat, roughen area on bottom with sandpaper for the bail to be attached.

Step 6 Attach bail with 2 part epoxy glue. When dry attach ear wires and you will then have a unique pair of earrings.

There is a nice choice of colors available from various bead makers that will enable you to produce very original pieces.

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