Gold And Precious Metal
Jump Rings

Various metals are used in chain maille rings, gold, palladium, sterling silver and platinum are some of the precious metals currently in use.

As the price of precious metals increases chain maille jewelry is becoming more expensive.

Gold and silver filled wire provides a cheaper alternative to the use of precious metal.

Other cheaper metal and rubber rings are now very popular because of cost factors.

However, precious metals will continue to be used due to quality and market demand.

Precious Metal

Pure gold is too soft for chain maille rings, however the metal is mixed with various alloys which result in yellow, red, pink , green and palladium white gold being produced.

The manufacturing process produces rings hard enough to be used to make chain maille jewelry.

Various other metals are used in chain maille rings,palladium, sterling silver and platinum are some of the precious metals currently in use.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight and 7.5% of other metals usually copper.

Sterling silver standard is usually referred to as .925.

Sterling silver is preferred over silver due to its added strength and durability.

It is ideal for tumbling and polishing as it becomes work hardened and exhibits an excellent finish.

Fine Silver

Fine silver (99.9% pure) is too soft for everyday usage; silver alloyed with copper or another metal gives it strength and retains the beauty of the silver.

Palladium sterling wire and platinum sterling are now being used in chain maille rings.

Argentium Silver

Argentium Silver is a combination of 92.5% silver and a mix of copper and germanium.

Unlike sterling silver this silver has a high resistance to tarnishing.

When heated or soldered sterling silver becomes discolored with fire scale and must be dipped in a special solution to remove it.

Argentium silver is designed to eliminate the fire scale problem.

Filled Wire

Filled wire is composed of a solid layer of karat gold that is bonded with extreme heat and pressure to an in

ner core of base metal. It is not the same as inferior plate. To be defined as filled wire it must be at least 1/20th precious metal = 5% by weight.

The filled wire is tarnish and wear resistant and does not cause allergic reactions the way plated jewelry does.

Due to the increasing price of silver, silver filled wire is now available for jewelry making.


Whilst not a precious metal Niobium wire is another important product as it is non-allergenic and usually perfect for people with metal sensitivity.

It is used for jump rings and ear wires because of its non-allergenic properties.

Niobium wire is made in a number of vibrant colors. The wire is colored by electrical current creating a brilliant color layer on the wire.

The coatings are not indestructible and care needs to be taken when using pliers on the rings. Colors may also fade with excessive wear.

Copper, aluminum, stainless steel,titanium, brass, nickel plated and steel are low cost alternatives to precious metals.

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