A Fused Glass
Ponytail Holder

A fused glass ponytail holder with a dichroic glass strip and metal holder.

A metal "u" clip is epoxied to the rear of the fused pieces with two part epoxy glue, the elastic is held in place by the clip.
These Alexa Ponytail Holders can be purchased from Delphi Creativity.

Clips come in packs of ten, and are made from lead free pewter. The holder can be made from any color and pattern as well as different dichroic pieces.Opaque and transparent colors can be used.

There is no set size for this items it can be cut to suit individual styles. After glass fusing the clip and elastic are glued in place. Through the use of different glasses and paint or powders very stylish and bright holders can be made.


  • Scrap glass
  • Cutter
  • Prepared kiln shelf or thinfire paper
  • Fusing kiln
  • Ponytail clip
  • Two Part epoxy
  • Ponytail elastic

Fusing Instructions

Step 1. Cut glass as follows:2 x 11/2" long x 1" wideOne piece of dichroic strip 11/2" longThese dimensions are a guide only.

Step 2. Assemble pieces on kiln shelf as per photo, the two pieces are stacked on top of each with the dichroic strip on top.

Step 3. Place kiln shelf in glass kiln and bring temperature up to fusing level, about 1460° F - 1480°F (793° -804° C).

Step 4. Monitor fusing process, do not overheat.

Step 5. When satisfied with shape turn kiln off and allow to cool to room temperature.

Step 6. Roughen rear of item with sandpaper. Mix epoxy as per makers instructions, place elastic around small tube as per photo.

Slide fused pieces under elastic, place small amount of epoxy on clip or base. Do not allow epoxy to come into contact with the elastic.Set clip over elastic and leave to dry.

Remove when dry and your holder is complete.

Experiment with different styles and colors as well as multicolored elastics.

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