Make A fused Glass
Millefiori Pendant

This glass millefiori pendant is made from cut millefiori placed on top of a colored base layer.

Originally from the isle of Murano, these beautiful flower-like patterns are made from various layers of colored art glass. Being hand made, special techniques and skills were required to produce these colorful pieces.

This project is a very simple fused item to make and is quite colorful when finished. You can alter the size and colors of the project to suit your own design ideas.

Do not cap this piece as this may cause it to break. Breakage is caused by the clear cap spreading down the sides of the base layers whilst the little flowers have not completely fused down into the base.

The flowers will continue to expand as they fuse into the bottom layers. This creates stresses within the layers resulting in breakages.


  • Flowers can be purchased in varying colors and sizes.
  • Two pieces of yellow Bullseye glass 11/8" x 11/8".
  • COE 90 Millefiori.
  • Cutter.
  • Glass fusing kiln
  • Thin fire paper or kiln washed shelf.


Step 3. Stack layers on prepared kiln shelf and place three or more different size flower pieces on top.

Step 4. Place the shelf into the kiln, gradually bring the temperature up to about 1500 F (815 C) and hold for about 20 minutes.

Check to see that is fully fused, some times it will need to be held longer as millefiori can be slow to fuse completely.

Once the item is fully fused, switch kiln off and allow to cool to room temperature.

Step 5. Remove art glass pendant from kiln, roughen up small area on back of item with sand paper.

Use two part epoxy glue to fix metal bail to rear of pendant.

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