Painted Fused
Glass Coaster

A fused glass coaster made from white fusing glass painted with colored glass powders, dried and then fired in a glass kiln.

Thecoaster has been made with System 96 glass and powder. Bullseye products may be used instead of Spectrum if desired.

Fusing Supplies

White fusing glass

Selection of glass powder colors

Paint brush, applicator bottles or tooth picks

Aloe vera or other painting medium

Glass cutter

Kiln wash or thinfire paper

Kiln shelf

Glass kiln

Face mask

Fusing Instructions

Cut two pieces of white fusing glass four inches square.

Wearing face mask, mix glass powder with aloe vera or other painting medium.

For full painting details please visit our glass painting tutorial.

Paint your own choice of designs on one piece of white glass as per the following photo.

Use paint brush, applicator bottles or tooth picks to apply the glass powder.

Once the glass powder has been applied and is fully dry, place painted sheet on top of remaining fusing glass sheet.

Put glass on prepared glass kiln shelf.

Position kiln shelf in glass fusing kiln and bring temperature up slowly to 1000° F.

If using thinfire paper leave kiln door or lid slightly open whilst paper binders burn off and then close kiln.

Hold at this temperature for fifteen minutes.

Bring glass kiln temperature up to 1500° F reasonably quickly, hold for about fifteen minutes or until glass powder is fully fused.

Once glass design is fully fused drop temperature quickly to 960° F and hold for 60 minutes.

After holding for sixty minutes turn off kiln and allow fused glass coaster to cool down to room temperature.

The above techniques can be used on various sizes and styles of glass.

Painted powder glass art styles may be slumped in glass fusing molds.

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