Fusing A Glass
Candle Bridge

A fused glass candle bridge kiln formed and slumped in a glass fusing kiln.

This fused glass bridge is made from Bullseye Streaky and clear fusing glass.

Various colors can be used to the construction of a candle holder.

After being fully fused the glass is then slumped in a Bullseye glass slumping mold.

Different size candle bridge molds are available, including molds that have multiple candle holders.

Fusing Supplies:

One piece of streaky Bullseye glass (or other color) about 7.25" x 5.25"

One piece of clear Bullseye fusing glass about 7.25 x 5.25"

Candle bridge slumping mold

Kiln wash or thinfire paper

Kiln Shelf

Glass fusing kiln

Cutting & Fusing:

Step 1. Cut one piece of clear fusing glass to size 7.25" x 5.25".

This is the base of the platter and the other pieces of glass will be assembled on this sheet.

Step 2. Cut other glass pieces to size.

Step 3. Thoroughly clean and dry glass.

Place colored glass on top of clear glass layer and arrange on prepared kiln shelf.

Step 4. Load the shelf into the glass kiln and fuse the glass.

Fusing Schedule:

1. 300°F / hour up to 1100° F hold 10 minutes

2. 200°F / hour up to 1250° F hold 30 minutes

3. AFAP up to 1480° F hold 10 minutes

4. AFAP down to 900° F hold 60 minutes

5. 150° F / hour down to 750° F

6. Switch kiln off.

Allow the fused art glass piece to cool to room temperature and then remove from fusing kiln.


Apply four or five coats of kiln wash to glass slumping mold.

Make sure that any air holes in the slumping mold are clear of kiln wash.

Ensure that the mold is completely dry before placing in glass kiln.

Sit fused bridge in the prepared slumping mold and place in glass fusing kiln.

Slump glass with the following schedule.

1. 300° F / hour up to 1000°F hold 15 minutes

2. 150° F / hour up to 1200F hold 30 minutes

3. AFAP down to 900°F hold 60 minutes

4. 150° F / hour down to 750°F

5. Switch off kiln, allow glass to cool to room temperature.

Remove art glass bridge from kiln.

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