Fused Glass Stringers

A layered fused glass stringers colored pendant.

This fused glass jewelry pendant is made by using colored stringers in between layers and then firing the three layers together.

In order to make this pendant the stringers and layers are fired a number of times before the final fusing.

The stringer colors and pendant size may be varied to suit individual design ideas.

Material Required:

  • Clear glass
  • Multi colored 2mm stringers
  • Cutter
  • Shelf primer or thinfire paper
  • Kiln


To make this project proceed as follows:

1. Cut three pieces of clear fusing glass 1 3/4"long x 1" wide.

2. Break colored stringers into various lengths.

3. Clean and dry pieces completely.

4. Arrange clear pieces on prepared shelf.

Put stringer pieces on clear layers and place shelf in kiln.

5. Bring kiln temperature up to about 1300° F (704° C), hold for five minutes.

This should only be a light tack fuse as the material will distort if the temperature is too high.

Turn off kiln and allow to cool to room temperature.

Flatten Stringers:

6. Place pieces, stringer side down on a prepared shelf and put into kiln.

This firing is to flatten them prior to the pieces being fused together.

Flattening reduces the risk of air bubbles being trapped between the layers.

7. Bring temperature up to about 1350° F (732° C), hold for ten minutes, do not overheat.

Once stringers have flattened turn off and allow to cool to room temperature, remove from kiln.

8. Stack items on top of each other, stringer side up on prepared kiln shelf and place in kiln.

Bring temperature up quickly to about 1430° F (777° C), hold for 15 minutes.

Once item has fully fused, turn off and allow to cool to room temperature before removing.

A bail can be glued to the back of the jewelry piece or it can be drilled to accept a large jump ring.

The techniques used for this project can also be used to make larger items such as coasters or plates.

Full fusing schedules will be required for larger items.

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