Fused Glass Pendant
Of Colored Buttons

A fused glass pendant made from layered glass buttons. The buttons are made from layered pieces of COE 90 Bullseye, they can also be made from System 96.

The layers are first cut and stacked on a kiln shelf, then fired in a glass fusing kiln and joined together at a later stage to make the pendant.

This pendant is easily made as the buttons are just small versions of the traditional glass fusing stacks.

The colors and size can be altered to include other design ideas such as more or less buttons with additional layers.


The following items will be required to make the pendant.

  • For each colored button, 2 x 3/8" square pieces, and 1 x 1/8" square piece.
  • Thin fire paper or primed shelf.
  • Fusing kiln.
  • Cutter.
  • Pendant bail.

Cutting & Fusing:

1 Cut colored 2 x 3/8" squares and 1 x 1/8 square for each layered square

2 Wash and dry the pieces thoroughly.

3 Place the bottom 3/8" layer on the prepared shelf and then add the top layer followed by the 1/8" square in the middle.

4 Place shelf in kiln and bring heat up to fusing temperature reasonably quickly,hold for about 10 minutes.

Check items to ensure they are nicely rounded and the center square has melted into the top layer.

5 Switch off, allow to cool to room temperature.

6 If you have a table top grinder you can grind indentations on the button sides so that they merge into each other, if not then they are just placed up against each other.

Arrange on protected kiln shelf so that each button is in contact with the one next to it.

7 Place in kiln and bring slowly up to fusing temperature, hold for ten minutes, check to see that they are nicely fused.

If not hold a little longer until you are satisfied.

Flash vent kiln down to about 1000 F (540 C), let temperature drop to around 950 - 960 F (510 C) and hold for about 30 minutes, switch off and allow it to cool to room temperature.

Roughen rear of pendant with sandpaper and glue bail with two part epoxy or other jewelry glue.

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