Fused Glass Inclusion

Making a fused glass inclusion cut from thin copper sheet and fired between layers in a glass fusing kiln.

The dragon shape has been cut with a scrap booking shape punch. These punches work very well on thin copper sheet; there is a large selection of cutter styles available.

Scrap booking punches are also good for making fiber paper designs for kiln carving. Thin sheets can also be cut with scissors as well.

When fusing inclusions between layers, thin material should be used otherwise the glass will break. To prevent the copper from being ruined from exposure to direct heat it needs to be protected by a clear cap.

Unwanted air bubbles can be a problem when fusing inclusions. To minimize this problem the base has been cut in half with a cap above the dragon. The assembled work is then fused on fiber paper to allow trapped air to escape.

This technique allows air to escape through the split pieces during the fusing process. The separate pieces will fuse together during the process.

Spectrum 96 has been used in this project.

Materials List:

Transparent fusing and clear art glass

Scrap booking punch

Copper sheet


Fiber paper

Kiln shelf

Fusing Kiln

To make pendant proceed as follows:

Step 1. Cut two pieces of blue 1 1/4'" x 13/4"

Step 2. Cut pieces in half

Step 3. Cut clear cap slightly larger than the blue base.

Step 4. Cut a small piece of fiber paper and place on kiln shelf, put base glass on paper, ensuring separate pieces are square and closed up.

Step 5. Place dragon across the split pieces.

Center clear cap on top of the base and inclusion.

Arrange shelf in kiln

Step 6. Bring temperature up quickly to about 1000° F and hold for 10-15 minutes to squeeze air from between the layers.

Raise temperature to 1500° F and hold for 15 to 20 minutes

Step 7. Check fusing, if item is nicely rounded turn off kiln and allow to cool to room temperature.

It is not unusual for copper to change color during the fusing process, such color changes are unpredictable.

The rear of the item will probably be roughly textured from the fiber paper.

Place the pendant on thinfire paper and gently fire polish to smooth out the surface, do not over heat.

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