Fused Glass Frit

A fused glass frit plate made from one piece of fusing glass and different colored frit fused and slumped in a glass fusing kiln.

The fused frit plate has one piece of red fusing glass with a coating of coarse and medium frit.

The colored frit gives the plate a floral appearance.

Colors and size can be altered to suit mold size.

This type of design will produce some brilliantly colored glass art.

Bullseye materials have been used for this design.


One piece of tomato red fusing glass 5" x 5".

Coarse vanilla frit.

Medium orange frit.

Medium spring green frit.


Shelf primer or thinfire paper.

Face mask.

Slumping mold.

Fusing kiln.


Step 1. Cut red glass to size.

Wash and dry thoroughly.

Step 2. Place glass on top of a prepared kiln shelf.

Wearing protective face mask cover plate with coarse vanilla frit.

Place medium green on the vanilla so as to create a leaf effect between the coarse frit.

Use the orange medium as a highlight color over the vanilla and green frit.

Step 3. Lift shelf carefully and place in kiln.

The following schedule can be used for this part of the process.

1. 300°F up to 1000°F hold 10 minutes

2. 350°F (331°C) up to 1150°F hold 5 minutes

3. 1300°F up to 1500°F hold 25 minutes

4. AFAP* down to 960°F hold 60 minutes

5. 600°F down to 200°F

6.Cool to room temperature. (AFAP* as fast as possible)

Check plate during fusing process to ensure that it doesn't overheat.

The next stage is to slump the plate.

Step 6.

Place fused item in a kiln washed slumping mold.

Suggested slumping schedule.

1. 330°F up to 1000°F hold 20 minutes

2. 100°F up to 1200°F hold 10 minutes

3. 704°F up to 1250°F hold 25 minutes

4. 9999 down to 950°F hold 60 minutes

5 630°F down to 194°F

Let item cool to room temperature before removing from fusing kiln.

The plate should now be slumped as per the photo.

By using various frit colors and grades of frit striking patterns can be produced.

The plate need not be slumped but left as a decorative tile.

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