Fused Glass Dish

A fused glass dish made from colored art glass and coarse frit fired and slumped in a fusing kiln.

Two pieces of colored glass are topped with coarse frit and then fused and slumped in a kiln.

This small dish can be made to suit a larger slumping mold if desired.

Colors can be altered to suit the final design.

COE 90 materials have been used for this project.


Three pieces of opaque fusing glass

Coarse frit


Suitable fusing mold (Project mold is 3.37" x 3.37")

Shelf primer

Kiln shelf

Glass fusing kiln


Step 1. Cut one piece of fusing glass to about 3 1/8" x 2 3/16".

Cut a glass strip 3 1/8" x 15/16" .

Step 2. Cut second piece of fusing glass to about 3 1/8" x 3 1/8".

Step 3. Wash and dry all pieces thoroughly.

Step 4. Set colored pieces on top of prepared shelf.

Arrange frit along the join line of the top pieces as per the photos.

Put shelf into kiln.

Step5. Fire the item as follows:.

(The dish will be annealed during the slumping stage.)

1. 300°F up to 1100°F hold 10 minutes

2. 75°F up to 1225°F hold 10 minutes

3. 1275°F up to 1450°F hold 15 minutes

4. Check to ensure that dish has not over heated and that the frit is contour fused only.

5. 600° F down to 94° F

6. Turn kiln off and allow item to cool to room temperature.

Dish should be fused with nicely contoured frit as per photo.


Step 6. Apply about five coats of shelf primer to mold, allow to dry between coats.

When dry, put fused plate in mold and place in glass fusing kiln.

Step 7. Slump and anneal the dish as follows:

1. 300°F up to 1100°F hold 10 minutes

2. 100°F up to 1250°F hold 30 minutes

3. 9999 (Full) down to 960°F hold 60 minutes

4. 150°F down to 750°F

Check to ensure item has fully slumped

5. Turn off and allow dish to cool to room temperature.

When cooled completely, remove from fusing kiln.

The above techniques can be used on various sizes and shapes of s whether they are slumped, or left as a colored tile or coaster.

This little plate is ideal as a condiment dish or a chop stick rest.

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