Make A Fused
Glass Bead

A fused glass bead can be easily made in a fusing kiln using two pieces of glass.

As only two glass pieces are used cutting and assembly is very quick.

A length of fiber paper is used between the layers to make a stringing hole.

Plain colors has been used for this example but different colors can be used to make a multi colored item.

It will be seen in the following photos that the upper section overhangs the base and when fused will melt down onto the bottom layer.


Cut glass to the following size one piece 7/8" x 5/8" and one piece 1/2" x 5/8".

One length of fiber paper.

One cutter.

Prepared shelf

Fusing kiln.

Proceed as follows:

Step1. Cut glass to size and clean thoroughly.

Step 2.Cut fiber to size required for stringing hole.

Step 3. Use a small drop of white glue to hold fiber paper in the middle of the small piece.

Step 4. Place long strip on top so that it evenly overhangs each end of the small layer.

Put item on prepared shelf and place in kiln.

Step 5.Bring temperature up reasonably quickly to about 1500° F (816° C).

Hold for five minutes, if fully fused switch off . Allow to cool to room temperature.

Step 6. Remove from fusing kiln and clean fiber paper from hole with tooth pick or other small object, wash to remove all traces of fiber paper.

By applying frit or small pieces of dichroic, prior to fusing, a very colorful and original bead can be produced.

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