Glass Fused Dichroic

A fused dichroic brooch with kiln carved opening for pin back, inset with length of wavy dichroic firestick.

This is a simple fused brooch that can form the basis for a number of design choices.

As it has only a few pieces it is very simple to cut and make.

Black accordion glass has been used for this project; other base colors and different dichroics can be used if so desired.

Materials List:

One piece of fusing glass 2" x 5/8".

One length of wavy firesticks 6mm x 1 7/8".

One length of 1/16" fiber paper.

One pin back.


Prepared kiln shelf.

Two part epoxy adhesive or e6000 glue.

Fusing kiln.

Proceed as follows:

Step 1. Cut parts to size, cut some fiber paper slightly larger than the mounting plate on the pin back.

Clean pieces thoroughly.

Step 2. Use a dab of white glue to attach fiber paper to rear of base as per photo

During fusing the fiber paper will "carve" an opening for the pin back to fit into.

Step 3. Fit firestick on black base and place onto a prepared shelf with the fiber paper facing the kiln shelf.

Step 4. As this is a small item, kiln can be taken to firing temperature very quickly, about 1480° F (804° C), hold for ten minutes.

Check after 5 minutes to ensure that the kiln is not over firing.

Once fusing is complete, turn off and cool to room temperature.

Step 5. Remove fiber paper and clean recess, glue pin back into recess and allow to dry.

The recessed pin back will allow the brooch to sit nicely against your clothing.

This design style can be used to make a variety of different brooches.

Firestick can be replaced with a straight piece of dichroic or contrasting fusing glass.

Small buttons or squares can be set along the length of the base glass instead of a single piece of dichroic.

It is very easy to change this design with different shapes and colors.

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