Fused Colored Glass
Transparent Pendant

This fused colored glass transparent squares pendant is a very easy glass fusing jewelry item to make.

It is a very simple pendant to cut and assemble. There are only two sizes used in this piece.

Scrap pieces of glass can be used to form the squares.

If you wish you can use pieces of clear dichroic matched against the base color.

This contoured fused design allows for different sizes and colors to be used, opaque colors or opaque and transparent can be combined.

The sizes used in this tutorial allow for an even spacing of the colored transparent pieces.

System 96 has been used in this project.


One piece of clear fusing glass, cut 1 3/4 inches square.

Selection of colored transparent fusing glasses.


Piece of thin fire paper or kiln washed shelf.

Fusing iln.

Project Instructions:

Step 1. Cut clear base to size

Step 2. Cut nine transparent colored pieces a half inch square.

Step 3. Wash, clean and dry pieces.

Step 4. Place base fusing glass on protected kiln shelf.

Arrange colors on top of the base layer in rows as per photo.

Step 5. Place shelf in the kiln and slowly bring the kiln up to contouring fusing temperature, 1400° - 1450° F (760°- 788° C).

Hold at low end of temperature range until edges are rounded.

At this temperature the base should not show any distortion.

Do not overheat as the piece will become fully fused and distorted.

Step 6.Allow kiln to cool down to room temperature.

Remove from kiln.

Roughen up rear of item and fit bail with two part epoxy.

The bail may be fitted in the middle or on one of the pendant corners as per photo.

If desired extra squares can be added on top to produce a stacked glass pendant.

These should be placed across in a random pattern..

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