Easy Fused Colored
Dots Pendant

Fused colored dots pendants are one of the easiest items that you can make in a warm glass kiln.

This type of pendant is very simple to cut and assemble.

Scrap can be used to form the dots, small amounts of colored frit may be used rather than scrap pieces.

If you wish you can use scrap pieces of dichroic matched against the base color.

Either Bullseye glass or System 96 can be for this fused design.

Use the following items to make this project:

Two pieces for the bottom layers, cut 1 1/4 inches square.

Cut pieces of different colored scrap of varying sizes.

Piece of thin fire paper or kiln washed shelf.

Fusing kiln

Step 1. Cut bottom layers, color is very much your choice.

Step 2. Cut irregular small shapes of colored glass.

Step 3. Wash, clean and dry pieces.

Step 4. Stack lower layers on protected shelf.

Arrange colors on top of the base in a random pattern.

Try to keep the pieces away from the edge to stop the base bulging outwards.

Step 5. Place shelf in the glass fusing kiln and slowly bring the kiln up to fusing temperature.

Hold at fusing temperature for 15 minutes, if fully fused turn off kiln and let it cool to room temperature.

A variation of this process is to allow the colored dots to only partially fuse into the base so that the dots form a raised surface around the base glass.

Another interesting approach is to use clear for the base and place colored transparent pieces around the clear glass.

The following picture is a fully fused pendant on a white base with different colors.

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