Stacked Fused Art
Glass Jewelry

Stacked fused art glass squares can be used to make many original fused glass jewelry designs.

The use of layered stacks forms the basis for many glass fusing designs.

Layering methods are used not only for jewelry but for many larger fusing projects.

Many creative fusing ideas arise from this simple stacking technique.

In this project only three layers are used, more can be added if desired.

In this tutorial three pieces are used to make a simple pendant.

The three pieces are square and you will see in the photo that there is not a large border between each piece.

These squares will be placed centrally so that they will spread more or less evenly as glass flows to its natural thickness of about quarter of an inch.

The finished piece below shows how the black glass has covered a large amount of the base color.

Reducing the size of the two top squares would result in more base color showing.

By cutting your top pieces oblong and leaving the bottom square you will produce different patterns.

Always experiment with your shapes as this will result in original designs.

Dichroic pendants can be made the same way.

You are not restricted to three pieces, you can use four if you want, or small stacks in the middle or off center.

Do not stack too close to the edge or corners as the edges of the item may bulge outwards.

By moving your stacked pieces away from the center the glass flow will change and produce varied patterns.


A small three stack, which is less than 2 inches square, can be fired fairly quickly.

This project was fused in a tabletop kiln, taken straight up to medium and held for about 15 minutes to warm the glass.

Increased to 1000 F and held with the kiln vented whilst the binders burnt away from the shelf paper. Increased to about 1500 F and fused.

Upon completion of fusing the kiln is switched off and allowed to cool to room temperature befor removing pendant.

Pendant can either be drilled or have a pendant bail attached.

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