Using Fuel Fired Kilns To Fire Precious Metal Clay

Fuel fired kilns will fire metal clay jewelry as an alternative to programmable kiln firing.

Prior to purchasing this type of kiln check to ensure that it will fire the type of metal clay that you work with.

Hot Pot

The Hot Pot kiln is composed of two sections and is fuel fired. Inside the kiln is a small container to hold the fuel as well as a number of metal screens. The metal clay piece is placed on one screen and the top half of the pot is then placed on this screen with the other metal screen sitting on top of the pot.

The fuel is ignited with a match and will burn for about 15 minutes which will result in the precious metal clay piece being fully fired. When the pot is cool the finished item can be removed.

This kiln is meant to handle small clay items up to 20 grams, about the size of a US fifty cent piece.

Hot pot kilns should be used in a well ventilated area.

Available from Delphi is the Pmc3 Deluxe Jewelry Clay Kit complete with Hot Pot, Pmc and special cutters and tools.

All you need to commence working with metal clay.

Speed Fire Cone System

This is another one in the range of fuel fired kilns. This is a propane fuelled kiln fitted with a pyrometer so that the temperature can be monitored. It has a three inch screen to hold precious metal clay items.

The system is supplied without a gas bottle: you will need to purchase a bottle from a hardware or camping store. A one pound bottle is the recommended size; a special adapter is available so that a large barbecue style bottle can be fitted.

It is advisable not to fire this kiln in excess of 1650 F as the silver may melt.

This kiln has the flexibility to fire all metal clay types as well as being suitable for enamel work.

This kiln should be used in a well ventilated area.

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