Using Faux Bone

Faux Bone™ is a very versatile and easily worked man made material that can be used with all forms of metal clay.

Not only can it be used for metal clay jewelry pieces it may also be used to make PMC texture plates.

It is sold in sheets, strips, shapes, washers, ring and bracelet blanks and kits.


This material can be inlaid in metal clay, riveted to clay or inlaid with metal clay, the uses are many.

It can be combined with all precious metals.

Epoxy resin can be colored and inlaid in this material to produce highly original designs.

Fused glass dichroic cabochons can be mounted on, or inlaid in bone jewelry carvings and shaped mountings.

Carved and finished faux bone can be utilized in chain maille designs.

It has incredible strength, light weight, high impact tolerance and can be used for jewelry, buttons, beads, tool handles, bag handles, carved for printmaking and many types of craft and artistic designs.

Pieces can be heated in the oven or with a heat gun and then shaped over simple molds or bent to shape.

Inked stamps can be pressed into heated bone to produce small tiles for pendants or other jewelry styles.

Its uses are wide ranging, subject to an artists imagination.

Working With Faux Bone™

Working this material is very straight forward using normal tools that are found in most craft kits.

It can be cut, carved sanded, and sawn with hand or power saws.

Filing, hammering, polishing, drilling, stamping, riveting, inlaying, painting, and dyeing are some of the processes that can be used on this material.


Surface texturing can play a large part in producing a unique piece of jewelry.

The surface can be marked with hand or power tools, scribes, burrs, abrasive discs, sand paper hammers and stamps as well as many other tools.

Surface marks can be filled in with different types of coloring agents to produce a highly original finish.


Acrylics, oil paints and inks are just some of the coloring agents that can be used.

Because of its nature it can be produced with an ivory, white, tinted, painted or textured surface. It is easily tinted with normal shoe polish

Plain finishes can range from highly polished to matte.

There do not appear to be many safety issues with this man made material.

It should not be burnt as it will produce toxic fumes.

Normal safety gear when grinding, drilling, sanding etc, should always be worn.

Further working information, design galley and ordering information can be found at Faux Bone™

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