Fused Glass Edge

Fused glass edge finishing could be required if the glass piece has not rounded properly, or is uneven and may also be spiked.

It may be that the fused glass has been under fired if the edges are not as round as you would like.

If the item has been under fired place it back in the glass fusing kiln and re-heat to a slightly higher temperature or leave on soaking temperature for longer.

If the fused glass edges have spikes then the piece has been over fired.

Grind spikes away, then re-fire glass at a lower temperature.

Temperatures of around 1350-1400 F (730-760 C) should be enough to rectify a fused item.

Spikes are often present on molded frit cast items.

To mimimize this problem heap the frit up so that it slopes towards the mold edge.

After the frit has been raised in the center run a small tool around the frit at the mold edge to create a small channel around the frit and top mold surface.

Glass Grinders

Finishing glass edges can be carried out on a glass grinder and if slumping is required fire the piece in a digitally controlled kiln, if possible.

Slumping temperatures are more easily controlled and monitored in this type of kiln.

Item shape and desired finish can influence the type of grinder used for cold working purposes

Flat lap grinders are useful for finishing some large flat surfaces as well as for producing nice even straight edges.

Wet belt sanders can produce nicely finished straight edges.

Rounded or chamfered edges are quite often formed on wet belt sanding machines.

Larger items which may have uneven fused glassedges can be ground to shape with either of the above two machines.

Multiple layers of thickly fused glass can be handled quite easily with these types of grinders.

Some glass jewelry pieces may have uneven edges if stacked glass pieces have been placed too close to the edge causing the edges to bulge as the glass fuses.

Straighten the edges on a table top grinder; leave ground item in water until ready to re-fire.

This will prevent the grinding residue drying out and leaving a gray line during fusing.

Clean fused glass using a small nailbrush to remove all residues.

Re-fire glass using your fire-polishing schedule.

Diamond hand pads can be used to correct or finish small cold work repairs

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