Dichroic Art Glass

Fusing a dichroic art glass jewelry pendant using clear wavy dichroic firesticks on a transparent base.

This item is a very simple design that can be changed to suit different colors and design shapes.

It is made from a strip of dichroic firestick fused onto a base of transparent glass.

Material Required:

Transparent blue fusing glass

One piece of clear wavy dichroic firestick


Shelf primer or thinfire paper

Kiln shelf

Pendant bail


Assembly & Fusing:

Step 1. Cut two pieces of blue transparent, one inch wide by one and a half inches long.

Step 2. Cut one piece of clear wavy firestick about one and a quarter inches long.

Step 3. Assemble base pieces on prepared kiln shelf.

Place wavy firestick on top of blue base.

Step 4. Put shelf in glass fusing kiln.

Step 5. It isn't necessary to use a formal firing schedule for small pieces like this.

If using thinfire paper leave the lid or vent slightly open until the binders in the shelf paper have burnt away.

Gradually raise the temperature to approx’ 1000°F and allow the binders to burn off and the shelf paper to return to its normal color.

Once the binders have burnt away close the kiln.

Raise fusing temperature to about 1500°F until object is fully fused.

Step 6. Monitor progress, it is easy to overshoot the temperature and have the item overheat.

This can result in the edges becoming distorted and the base spreading too far.

Once you are happy with the outcome switch off and let it cool to room temperature.

Once cool, use epoxy glue to fix a bail to the rear of the item.

Wavy dichroic firesticks are available in a range of colors either on a black or clear base.

This style of dichroic can be used for many fusing ideas.

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