Cutting Jump Rings With
A Power Saw

Cutting jump rings with a power cutter requires a number of steps to be taken to ensure an acceptable result.

As power saws rotate at a high speed it is essential that all safety precautions are met

Cutters such as the Jump Ring Standard Cutter, Koil Kutter or the Pepe Jump Ring Maker are powered by high speed flex shafts and therefore should be handled carefully.

Follow relevant safety and workshop techniques when using all types of power tools.

Wooden Dowels

To prevent the jump ring coil from collapsing, wooden dowels should be placed inside the coil. Usually a number of dowels are used for each coil to provide a reasonably tight fit.

Bamboo kebab skewers from the supermarket work well. The skewers are easy to cut and can be split length ways to ensure a neat fit.

The skewers can be used a number of times before being discarded.


Liberally rub coil with a high quality stick lubricant such as "Cut Lube", this is most important to prolong blade life.

A thick liquid detergent can be used in place of a stick lubricant.


Wear safety glasses whilst using these cutters as they operate at very high speed.

Ear protection should also be worn.

Saw Cutting Jump Rings

Place coil in coil holder, gently tighten slotted plate, do not over-tighten or the coil may be distorted. Place saw blade in slot, run tool at high speed and quickly move the guide along the coil holder until the cut is finished.

Cut coil in one pass only, do not go back.

Turn off power and remove blade from slot, never try to place blade in slot nor remove while the motor is running.

Remove coil and slide a piece of wire into the coil and push the cut rings along the dowel and onto the wire, easier than chasing rings everywhere.

Tumble Polishing Rings

The rings should be neatly cut with very few burrs. For the best results tighten the wire and tumble the rings in a rotary tumbler such as a Lortone.

This will not only polish the rings but remove many of the burrs.

Tumbling the rings will "work harden" them and improve their rigidity.

Tumblers are great for finishing your chain maille jewelry as they will give the completed jewelry item a very high polish.

Apart from speed and ease of use, the major advantage of these cutters is the production of quality jump rings that will all close neatly and retain their shape.

Power saws are ideal for sterling silver and gold filled wire. They will not cut platinum, titanium, steel, and niobium.

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