Fused Confetti Glass

A confetti glass pendant contour fused with stringers and broken glass confetti.

This item is fired in two stages with broken pieces being tack fused to separate pieces of clear glass.

The two sides are then contour fused together resulting in a 3D type effect.

There is no set size for the item nor particular colors.

Materials Required:

Clear fusing glass.

Colored glass confetti.



Shelf primer or thinfire paper.


Fusing kiln.

Cutting & Assembly:

Step 1. Cut two pieces of clear to about 7/8" X 1 1/2"

Step 2. Wash and dry completely.

Step 3. Break confetti and stringers into required sizes.

Step 4. Place clear pieces on prepared kiln shelf and apply a random pattern of broken shards on one piece.

Repeat with stringers on other clear piece.

Leave room for the bottom layer to be seen.

Fusing Stages:

Step 5. Put shelf in kiln with broken bits uppermost

Bring kiln temperature up quickly to tack fusing temperature.

This should be around 1350° F plus for COE 90.

Do not overheat as the base will begin to lose shape.

The idea is for the broken bits to retain shape and not be fused down into the clear base.

Once satisfied switch kiln off and let it cool to room temperature.

The above photo shows the finished process.

Step 6. Place piece with stringers face down on prepared shelf.

The pieces should be sitting above the surface and this next fusing process will flatten them.

Put confetti piece face up on stringers and place shelf in kiln.

Heat up quickly to about 1400° F and contour fuse item.

The broken pieces should flatten out slightly as fusing continues.

Monitor closely as the piece must not overheat and begin to spread out.

Once glass fusing is complete, the item should be slightly rounded, without spreading out and losing its overall shape.

Step7. Switch off and allow to cool to room temperature before removing object.

The pendant can be drilled and have a jump ring fitted or a jewelers bail glued to the rear of the item.

This is an easy design to alter and play with.

Many variations of this approach are possible.

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