Using Colored Chain
Maille Rings

Using colored rings made from different materials to weave chain maille jewelry.

There is now a range of rings on the market, which allows the chainmaille jewelry maker to produce a variety of lightweight colourful jewelry.

The rings can be intermixed allowing unique pieces of jewelry to be made.

Mixing rings of different colors and textures ensures a wide variety of styles can be made.

As sterling silver becomes more expensive colored rings provide

a great design alternative to explore.

Aluminum Rings

Anodized Aluminum, which is very lightweight and can be purchased in a good range of colors.

An electrical process is used to produce the different colors.

The anodized coating is fairly hard but can be marked with steel so you need to be careful opening and closing rings with pliers.

Niobium Rings

Anodized Niobium is hypo-allergenic and is preferred by people with metal sensitivities, it is used quite often in ear wires for this reason.

A good range of vibrant colored rings are now available, it is lighter than sterling silver and combines well with other type of rings.

Colors will wear off if the rings are rubbing against a hard surface.

Care needs to be taken when using pliers with these rings

New on the market are black niobium rings which are not anodized but heated to a high heat, cooled and tumble polished.

Titanium Rings

Anodized Titanium rings come in a variety of colors. Variations of color can occur on the same ring as well as variations in the same batch.

Copper Rings

Enamelled Copper rings are made from dead soft copper wire; they are weaker than hard aluminum rings.

It is better to use smaller sizes in your designs to compensate for this.

The coating is quite flexible and durable and a good range of bright colors is available.

Rubber Rings

Rubber Rings are quite popular due to their flexibility and consistent color range.

Mixing rubber and metal rings results in a colorful and flexible piece that may not need a clasp.

Glow in the dark rubber rings are also available for those looking for something different.

Aspect Ratio

If you wish to experiment with your own weaves or you see some rings with an AR (Aspect Ratio) notation please visit the Articles section at CGMaille Tutorials for an explanation of aspect ratio (AR).

Aspect ratio is very important when determining what ring sizes to select for your own chain maille jewelry designs.

Not all weaves use the same ring size.

Using the wrong size will result in either a loose weave or a weave that is too tight and inflexible.

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