Colored Glass Bubbles

Turquoise colored glass bubbles can be introduced into jewelry by fusing copper oxide powder between layers in a fusing kiln.

Please visit the copper oxide page for additional information on using this material.

The following pendant has been made by sandwiching copper oxide powder between layers.

When fused in a kiln the copper oxide will change to a turquoise color and bubbles will spread between the layers.

Copper oxide is available from ceramic and pottery supply stores.

Stringers have been fused to the top layer.

Bubbles may come through far enough to bend some of the stringers.

Instead of stringers, confetti or dichroic glasses can be fused to the top layer.

It is sometimes easier to tack fuse items to the top layer before adding powder to the base.

Materials List:

Clear Bullseye


Copper oxide

Fine sifter

Face mask

Rubber gloves


Prepared kiln shelf


Cutting & Assembly:

Step 1. Cut two pieces of clear Bullseye fusing glass 11/2" square.

Step 2. Cut or break multi colored stringers into various lengths.

Step 3. If desired, stringers may be lightly tack fused to the top layer of. Do not let it overheat as it will become distorted.

Step 4. Wearing face mask and gloves sift copper oxide evenly and lightly onto base.

If powder begins to clump, shake from surface and start again.

Powder may also be sprayed as per the instructions on the copper oxide page.

Step 5. Place clear cap on top of base.

If stringers have not already been fused, place very gently on top and then put pendant on prepared kiln shelf.

Load shelf into glass fusing kiln.


Step 6. Bring temperature up quickly to fusing temperature, about 1500° F (815° C). Hold for twenty minutes.

Step 7. Check item to see if it has fully fused and that bubbles have spread through the layers.

Turn kiln off and let it cool down to room temperature.

The change to the turquoise bubbles will not be fully seen until the item has cooled.

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