Fusing A Colored Bubble
Powder Pendant

Using colored bubble powder to make a fused glass bubble pendant.

This pendant is made from two pieces of fusing glass with bubble powder placed between the pieces.

Various colored bubble powders are now available.

It is a very simple item to make and is quite unusual when finished.

It can be made in a range of sizes.

Materials Required:

Two pieces of clear Bullseye glass 1" x 11/4" square.

Bubble powder colored.


Fusing kiln.

Thin fire paper or primed shelf.

Proceed As Follows:

Step 1. Cut fusing glass to size.

Step 2. Wash and dry thoroughly.

Step 3. Place one piece of glass on a prepared shelf and using a small spoon put some powder on the surface, stack a clear piece on top.

Step 4. Place the shelf into the kiln, gradually bring the temperature up to about 1500 F (815 C) and hold for about 20 minutes.

Check to see that bubbles have formed, do not let the kiln overheat as the bubbles may break through the surface.

Turn the fusing kiln off and let the it cool to room temperature.

Step 5. Remove from kiln, roughen up small area on back of item with sand paper.

Use two-part epoxy glue to fix metal bail to rear of pendant.

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