Choosing Your Favorite Color For
Your Glass Jewelry Design

Learn how to define styles and colors for beaded glass jewelry by using a color wheel.

Favorite shades are usually the ones you will select when you start bead shopping. They will probably tend to match your clothes.

Good bead work design revolves around these choices. Although there are no hard and fast rules these selections needs to be considered.

It is a good idea to purchase a wheel so that you can compare different combinations.color-wheel"Red,yellow and blue are primary, whilst green, orange and purple are secondary.

On the wheel the main pairs of are yellow and purple, red and green and blue and orange.

Don't feel limited, choose other complimentary selections. Look at combinations in nature for some ideas, you will find great combination ideas you can use.

When you design a piece of beaded glass jewelry in a certain style for yourself or a friend think about the size of the item.

Is it for a young girl, yourself or someone else? Do the beads need to be small, medium or large to match the person? What are their favorite shades.

Think about the season, summer, fall, winter or spring.

What combination will suit?

As you begin to experiment and define your style you will find that you will naturally consider these and other questions as you progress.

When you decide upon a design consider not using the same color but perhaps, beads from the same range, moving from light to dark. You can break the design up by using spacers or silver or gold seed beads.

For contrast you can use different kinds of glass and metal to produce an original design style.

Always buy slightly more beads than you need, they may be dyed in batches and a new batch may be a slightly different shade if you require more.

Before starting your piece lay your beads out and check combinations, you can loosely string them and see how they look and what changes you may make.

Check your selected findings against the beads to see that they match and are the right size.

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