Cold Combed Glass

How cold combed glass using colored frit powder can produce combed patterns similar to hot combing.

Whilst the finish is not quite the same, it is far safer and more comfortable than working in an open hot fusing kiln raking hot glass.

Lines of colored frit powder are laid across a base and then a small tool is used to create patterns prior to being fused.

Fusing Supplies:

Selection of colored frit powder.

Two pieces of fusing glass.

Liquid Stringer or aloe vera.


Squeeze bottles or small containers.

Small pointed tool or toothpicks.


Prepared kiln shelf.

Fusing kiln.

Step 1. Cut two pieces of glass about two inches square, or whatever size is suitable. White forms a good contrast for the base.

Step 2. Mix colored powder, liquid stringer or aloe vera gel to form a paste suitable for dispensing from a small squeeze bottle.

It may be necessary to add water to the paste to achieve the correct consistency.

Pastes may be placed in squeeze bottles or stored in small sealable plastic containers, it is sometimes easier to spread paste across the surface with a small spatula or tooth pick rather than use a squeeze bottle.

Step 3. Run lines of various colored frit powder across until the base is completely covered

Allow colored powder to dry.

Re-seal powdered paste and keep for future use, a small amount of water can be added if the paste dries out.

Step 4. Once the powder is dry use either a toothpick or small scribing tool to gently run lines down and up through the powder as per the photo below.

Step 5. Place scribed piece on top base.

Put pieces on kiln shelf and load into kiln.

Step 6. Items of this size can be bought up to fusing temperature reasonably quickly.

Temperature should be about 1350° F(735° C) to 1380° F(750° C).

Hold for fifteen minutes or until surface is completely smooth and shiny.

If the piece has fused completely turn kiln off and allow to cool to room temperature.

The cold combed piece can be saw cut and used in other fusing projects.

It may also be fused onto a contrasting base and used as a decorative item.

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