Using Bent Glass

Bent glass stringers can be used as a design element on fused glass jewelry pendants.

Using bent shapes as a design feature, the base is firstly fully fused and then the shape is contour fused to the base.

You may need to play around with bent shapes until you have the design you like.

You can change the colors and sizes around to suit yourself.

Materials Required:

To make this item you will need the following:

Two pieces of black Bullseye glass.

One piece of white stringer.

Thin fire shelf paper or kiln washed shelf.

Candle or butane torch.

Assembly & Bending:

Step 1. Cut two pieces for the base 1 1/4 inch square.

Step 2. Clean and dry completely.

Step 3. Stack the black pieces together then place on shelf and put into the fusing kiln, bring up to temperature quickly and hold for about 10 minutes.

Step 4. Follow the instructions in the following video and bend the design to shape.

You can experiment with different shapes until you are satisfied.

Step 5. Check to ensure black base has fused and is nicely rounded. Switch off and allow to cool down to room temperature.

Step 6. Place bent shape on base and put on shelf and put in the kiln. Bring temperature to about 1380 - 1440 (750 - 780 C) this is about the right temperature for contour fusing.

Watch this process carefully as you do not want the design shape to begin to melt into the black base.

Begin to check at about 1300 F (704C).

The stringer should retain its basic shape with the top of the stringer becoming nicely rounded as per the photo.

Once fusing is complete, turn off the kiln and let it cool to room temperature.

Step 7. Using a piece of sand paper roughen an area on the back of the glass, use epoxy adhesive to glue on a jewelry bail.

Different colors and shapes allow you to make some very unique pieces.

A larger base can be drilled and a jump ring fitted rather than gluing on a jewelry bail.

Transparent colors work very well for this design.

Note. For fully fused stringer pendant see Glass Stringer Pendant for further details.

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