Fuse An Art
Glass Plate

Fused art glass plate, made from a collection of abstract shapes, fused and slumped in a glass fusing mold.

Very bright colors have been used in this design which results in a striking finish.

This project can be slumped in a mold or used as a decorative tile or coaster.

The abstract shapes used in this design can either be cut, or selected from scrap.

Shape size, color and outline are a matter of personal choice.

The curved black lines sitting on top of the yellow design are bent stringer which were bent prior to adding to the design.

The following items are required to make this project.

One piece of opaque glass

Different colored abstract shapes

Bent stringers


Slumping mold

Shelf primer or thinfire shelf paper

Kiln shelf

Fusing kiln

To make plate proceed as follows:

Step 1. Cut opaque glass to 4" x 4".

Step 2. Cut abstract shapes to desired size or use scraps.

Use contrasting colors.

If using stringers bend over candle flame.

Step 3. Wash and dry all pieces thoroughly.

Step 4. Set base piece on prepared kiln shelf.

Arrange shapes on top of opaque base, keep stacks back from the edges otherwise the base will bulge outwards whilst being fused..

Each collection of shapes is at least three layers high.

Put kiln shelf into the kiln.

Step 5. Use the following fusing schedule.

The annealing stage has been removed as the plate will be annealed during the slumping stage.

1.300F up to 1100F hold 20 minutes

2.75F up to 1225F hold 10 minutes

3.1275F up to 1500F hold 15 minutes

4.600F down to 94F

5. Turn off and allow item to cool down to room temperature.

Step 6. Apply about 5 coats of kiln wash to mold, allow to dry between coats.

When mold is dry, put plate in slumping mold and fire to the following schedule..

Step 7. Use the following schedules to slump and anneal the fused plate.

1.300F up to 1100F hold 20 minutes

2.100F up to 1250F hold 30 minutes

3.9999 (Full) down to 960F hold 60 minutes

4.150F down to 750F

5. Switch off, cool to room temperature

When item has cooled completely, remove from kiln.

The above glass fusing methods can be used on various sizes and shapes whether they are slumped, or left as a colored tile or coaster.

Using scrap fusing shapes is an easy way to create an abstract design.

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