Make A Fused Art
Glass Pendant

A fused art glass pendant made from a pattern bar slice cut from a pot melt slab.

This is a simple design as it only requires one strip of pattern bar and a jewelry bail.

As can be seen from the pattern bar tutorial the slices are cut with a tile saw fitted with a diamond blade.

This blade is designed to cut glass, ordinary tile saw blades will chip the material as it is cut.


It is possible to shape the slices with a tile saw so that it is easier to produce a certain shape after fusing.

For example, the slices can have corners removed or be cut as a triangle or some other shape.

Additional shaping can be done with a table top grinder.

Using a grinder before fusing can greatly assist in making some very nicely shaped items.

Shaping may also be done after fusing, if this is done then the item will need to be fire polished to ensure a smooth and shiny finish.

If you don't have a cut strip then this project can also be made by fusing a few strips together and decorating with stringers or frit.


Sliced pattern bar

Shelf primer or thinfire paper

Kiln shelf

Jewelry bail

Tile saw

Fusing kiln


Step 1. Use a sliced strip about 3/8" thick, as per photo.

Place strip in kiln on a primed or thinfire paper prepared kiln shelf, bring heat up quickly to fusing temperature until the strip begins to spread and the corners become rounded.

Do not over heat as the strip may spread too far.

Switch off and allow fusing kiln to cool to room temperature.

Once kiln has cooled remove fused pendant.

Step 2. Using sandpaper roughen up a spot on the rear of the item and attach a bail to the glass using some two part epoxy.

The finished item may be drilled to take a jump ring rather than fitting a bail.

A chain or cord can used to suspend the finished item.

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